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20 Kool-Aid Flavors You Won't Believe Exist

Here's a list of 20 Kool-Aid Flavors You Won't Believe Exist. Kool-Aid has been experimenting flavors since they began making juice, these are 20 Kool-Aid flavors you never knew existed.
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When you have been on the market as long as Kool-Aid, you’re bound to have rolled out a lot of flavors. Some of those flavors caught our attention whether through an amazing kool aid commercial or simply latching onto the taste buds of the consumer and refusing to let go, which ensures a permanent place on the shelves in supermarkets. Others, however, were not that fortunate and soon disappeared. We’re digging deep for those lost relics to unearth the 20 Kool-aid flavors you won’t believe exist.

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0:30 Eerie Orange Kool-Aid
1:13 Pink Swimmingo Kool-Aid
1:55 Swirlin’ Strawberry-Starfruit Kool-Aid
2:28 Great Blue-dini Kool-Aid
3:08 Incrediberry Kool-Aid
3:50 Oh-Yeah Orange-Pineapple Kool-Aid
4:30 Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid
5:08 Strawberry Falls Punch Kool-Aid
5:43 Rock-a-Dile Red Kool-Aid
6:21 Tamarindo Kool-Aid
6:59 Surfin’ Berry Punch Kool-Aid
7:46 Arctic Green Apple Kool-Aid
8:27 Man-o-Mangoberry Kool-Aid
8:57 Rainbow Punch Kool-Aid
9:40 Solar Strawberry-Starfruit Kool-Aid
10:20 Golden Nectar Kool-Aid
10:52 Scary Black Cherry & Scary Blackberry Kool-Aid
11:32 Jamaica Kool-Aid
12:08 Sharkleberry Fin Kool-Aid
12:48 Root Beer Kool-Aid

- Eerie Orange was one of those products that only a few consumers had access to. In this case, it was released only in the Canadian market in 1996.
- When you have a name like Pink Swimmingo, it doesn’t matter what flavor or taste you carry inside the packet.
- When you have a cool name like Swirlin’ Strawberry-Starfruit then the flavors in the packets are supposed to explode on your tongue.
- The one thing really going for this Kool-Aid flavor is the fact that it’s unsweetened.
- This was Kool-Aid’s take on comic books and superheroes of the time. It made its first appearance in the early 90s and featured Kool-Aid Man dressed as a superhero, looking jacked.
- Another relic from the 1990s. Which makes one almost envious of the kids who grew up in that era.
- When Kool-Aid saw that dinosaurs were big among kids in the 80s, this was their response. The flavors here are grape and lemonade.
- Like grapes, strawberry is one of those fruits whose natural taste has little to do with the juice that food companies manage to squeeze out of it.
- Another flavor that was more about the mascot on the package than about a new and explosive flavor inside it.
- One thing about Kool-Aid is that it’s more than just a fruity drink. You can just about do anything you like with that small packet of powder.
- The last time Surfin’ Berry Punch was seen cresting that high wave was in the early 1990s. It was in 1987 when the not-so-famous surfer made its debut.
- This one was so popular that when it disappeared from the market, people launched many campaigns to bring it back.
- People feel so strongly about this one that there are Facebook campaigns to bring it back.
- A popular flavor from the mid-80s. In fact, this one is so popular these days it’s not hard to find a package on eBay.
- See that star fruit on the package? It’s the star of the show. The theme of this flavor is space travel and it has a futuristic design about it that makes it a favorite among fans.
- As soon as you see the word nectar on the package you know this must be a unique flavor. It’s not clear what went into this one anyway. It dates back to the 1950s.
- It seems that every Halloween, Kool-Aid would dish out a limited edition of a scary flavor that’s actually a repackaging of an already existing flavor.
- Hibiscus is a vibrant flower. It has a tangy taste that is easy to distinguish. But the bright color it produces when you mix it with water makes Jamaica one of the most sought after flavors.
- We’re not really sure what is going on here. Is that a shark? And is the pitcher riding the shark? We know there are berries in there somewhere but what’s with the fin? So many questions and so few answers.
- People say you can’t go wrong with root beer. Most people would agree with that statement except those with a dislike of this popular soda flavor. The key word there is soda, and the first thing to come to mind when talking about root beer is definitely not Kool-aid.

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