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10 Ship Launches That Went Horribly Wrong Video

Launching ships is a prestigious and ceremonious act since it represents all the work put into making something made of tons of metal float on water. But not all launches are ceremonious. In fact, some of them have just sunk right as they enter the water. Other times, it’s the launching equipment that malfunctions. Lastly, it could be the driver's fault for driving a ship right into a dock full of people!

Here are 10 Ship Launches That Went Horribly Wrong!

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Cargo Ship Failure

Ships are a thing of amazing calculations and engineering. However, things don’t always go planned. The worst thing that can happen to a ship right after its launching is its capsizing. Just like this cargo ship! It came out of the shelter upright and floating perfectly fine. But just a few moments later, it started to tilt to one side. The failed vessel seemed to have had enough flotation, and that’s why it didn’t sink.

You can clearly see it sink a little to the side and then spring right back up. Thankfully, it was built fine, otherwise, if the size was too bad, all that cargo on the ship wouldn't have dipped upside down. If you have a kayak, then capsizing is actually needed to drive around. But when it’s a ship this big, the only word that comes to mind is, yikes!

Cruise Ship Sinks

China is known for making long-lasting products at a low price, however, this cruise ship just doesn’t seem to be one of them. A boat’s primary goal is to, well, not sink. The SS Jiugang decided it did not want to be a ship right as it was launched out. The vessel, on which 2.7 million dollars were spent. Dropped in the water like a brick!

A Chinese news site said that the ship sank due to improper handling by the builders who didn’t estimate the water level properly. Apparently, the boat sat submerged in the river for four whole days before it was actually taken out of the ground! Luckily, there were no people on it. But it was a really expensive one. You could say, it’s money down the drain or river in this case!

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