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1. Laminar Flow vs Turbulent Flow animation in Urdu/Hindi Video

Laminar Flow vs Turbulent Flow animation

FSC part 1 (1st year) Physics Chapter 6 Fluid Dynamics.
In this video, Laminar vs Turbulent flow (Definition, animation with complete detail, and characteristics of ideal fluid) has been described briefly. The following points are discussed.

Fluids flow in various areas of our life. For example, water flows in various pipes in our homes, blood flows in veins through our bodies, and fans, compressors, and blowers move air from one place to another. So, fluid flow is an area of major concern in many practical scenarios.

Fluid flow is basically of two types. Laminar flow and turbulent flow. Laminar flow is usually at low speeds, fluid moves along a smooth path called streamlines. streamline do not cross each other. velocity is in the same direction as these streamlines. Streamline or laminar flow is steady.
As the velocity of the fluid changes, the fluid flow is also changed from laminar to turbulent flow. In turbulent flow, there is no fixed pattern of flow. The exact path of fluid flow cannot be predicted. Fluid flow is irregular and unsteady.

Animations/physical things make ideas very clear and help us to understand theoretical concepts easily.

Punjab textbook board/Sindh textbook board/KPK textbook board inter part 1 physics book

This lecture is for Pre Pre-Medical / Engineering 11th class and has been recorded for all students who want to get a real picture/idea of the wonderful topic Fluid Dynamics.

Laminar flow animation 00:03
Turbulent flow animation 00:24
The creator of this channel is an energetic, motivated, and visionary teacher/engineer who is always trying to learn and share things. He is of the view that studying is a lot more than just obtaining marks/CGPA in exams. Things must be learned/understood rather than memorized. There is no need to memorize anything in Science. Efforts must be made to get the essence of knowledge rather than just making it a source of Job.
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