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Bobby Hemmitt | Ancient Wisdom Modern Knowledge - Pt. 3/8 (Bobby Hemmitt Archives)(25Apr97) Video

Title: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Knowledge, Pt. 3/8, 25Apr97, Trenton, NJ (#2553)
Time Length of complete lecture: 8:00:00 hours
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Warning: Bobby is not for everyone. He’s an eschatologist (study of origins of religion) and Misanthropy (disdain for humans) describes his delivery. We’ve been working with Bobby since 1998 to gather all of his lectures for his/our official video archives. We have newsletters (downloadable on Patreon) of most of his over 400 lectures between 1994-2011.

Bobby, as a eschatologist, asks difficult questions about dogma and our personal beliefs since beginning of time. Many treat Eschatology as an area of theology to be avoided. The term eschatology refers to conception of the last things; Bible, occultism, immortality and migration of the soul, rebirth, resurrection and the end of time(s). These concepts also have secular parallels—for example, in the turning points of one’s life and in one’s understanding of death.

Remember, he’s just asking the questions …

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