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Top 10 Shocking Corporate Abuses

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10. Cutter, A Division Of Bayer, Sold HIV Tainted Medicine In Asia And Latin America
9. Foxconn Has A Problem With Contract Employees Committing Suicide -- So They Install Nets
8. Nestle And Other Chocolate Companies Buy From Third World Farms That Use Child Labor
7. Nike And The Rest Of The Big Clothing Industry Utilize A Lot Of Overseas Labor
6. Philip Morris Made Anti Teen Smoking Ads -- They Were Ineffective, Obviously
5. Mylan Hiked The Price Of Live Saving Epi Pens By More Than 400% To Make Money
4. Conditions At Tyson, Perdue And Pilgrim Factories Allegedly Led To Diaper Use On The Line
3. Family Dollar Got Around Overtime Laws By Calling Hourly Employees “Managers”
2. Facebook Analyzes Your Private Messages And Gave Permissions To Spotify And Netflix
1. Big Oil Allegedly Knew Decades Back What Sustained Oil Use Would Do To The Climate

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