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The 3 Surprising Connections with Samurai & Sumo

Sumo… the Japanese national sport that has 1,500 years of history.

Although you might have heard or seen it somewhere before, because it’s full of special culture, I believe you have a lot of questions about it…

When did it start?
Why do they do it?
What is up with the wrestlers' fashion?

Because a lot of young Japanese don’t know about these things either, it’s sad to see that in foreign movies and such, they are depicted as just fat people bouncing their bodies against each other.

So today, I will explain about the 1,500 years of sumo history, by breaking it into 3 points.

In the end of the video, I will talk about 3 reasons why we call the sumo wrestlers, “the modern samurai.”

●Japan Sumo Association "The history of sumo"

[Time codes]
0:00 Let's START!
1:33 [Sumo history] 1. A Shinto ritual
2:18 [Sumo history] 2. Combat training for samurai
3:43 [Sumo history] 3. Entertainment for the public
4:44 The 3 traditions of sumo that shows it originally comes from samurai culture
9:06 Today’s conclusion
11:37 “Omake” talk

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(Example: Pottery, dyeing, kimonos, etc.)

▼Shogo’s profile▼
Hello everyone, and thank you for watching my videos!

I’m Shogo, a Kyoto born & Hiroshima raised Japanese, that grew up in Michigan USA for 6 years, and studied Mandarin in Beijing university for a year!
I live in Kyoto now, as I train in Iaido(katana), Sado(tea ceremony), and Noh theatre(traditional stage art).

In this channel, you can take a closer look at Japanese traditional culture, tips on traveling to Kyoto, and social problems in Japan.
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▼Special thanks to…▼
Kazumasa Ito: My best friend who also spent his childhood in America. Thank you for always checking my English as a professional translator.

Harumi Shin: A talented web designer and my better half. Your video editing skills and creative thumbnails are essential for this channel.

Hinata Yamaguchi: Energetic and always happy, but a little bit shy. Having a daughter like you, makes me the happiest person on Earth.


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