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Playing My Fans Pieces - Episode III ($1000 Prize!)

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This was a project 2 months in the making. I learned, practiced & performed 3 incredible pieces by my fans and afterwards, had a small panel of judges decide a winner and we awarded $1000 to the best piece.

Listen to these performances on Spotify:
Listen on Apple Music:

Composer's Channels:
HoneyBeef YT Channel:
Check out Rron Delos Santos OG Version of Winter Fantasy:
Rizal's YT channel:

Sheet music for the pieces can be found here:
Honey_Beef - Awakening:
Rron Delos Santos - Winter Fantasy:
R. M. Rizal - Kintab:

Standalone versions of the videos for your enjoyment:
Honey_Beef - Awakening:
Rron Delos Santos - Winter Fantasy
R. M. Rizal - Kintab:

I played 3 pieces written by my fans who are composers themselves. Please join me in applauding them for their beautiful compositions, and support them by liking this video and checking out their channels!

If you are a composer and want to submit your piece for future videos like this, do so through my discord server:
Not a Discord user? Submit through Reddit:

Special thanks to:
1) Bat & Jess for helping me judge these pieces
2) My editors Dan and Binaya for their amazing hard work on the video
3) The composers who poured their hearts and soul into their pieces
4) Jake for setting up the gorgeous particles
5) Bat for being the composer-advisor and helped organize the composers

Special thanks to my amazing patreon supporters:
Learn the songs you love on piano:

Timestamps (thanks Patrick Yao!)
0:00 the video starts
1:06 1st composer Honey Beef from Hong Kong intro
1:22 1st piece Awakening by Honey Beef
4:34 Awakening finishes
5:20 2nd composer Rron Delos Santos from Canada intro
5:39 2nd piece Winter fantasy By Rron
11:05 Winter fantasy finishes
11:50 3rd composer Rizal from Philippines intro
12:13 3rd piece Kintab By Rizal
16:40 Kintab finishes
17:44 Judging
18:15 Judging Awakening
19:03 Judging Winter fantasy
19:50 Judging Kintab
21:15 Deciding the winner
21:38 Talking to the winner and giving the prize
25:00 talk finishes
26:21 the video ends

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