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Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raids using Anger Point for OHKO’s

This video covers anger point Pokémon, supports, movesets, stats, and strategy.
Raid Pokémon can have up to 25 times the normal amount of HP, why not OHKO them?

00:00 OHKO intro montage
00:27 Intro
00:48 Anger Point Attacker Overview
1:38 leer and tailwhip note
1:47 Paldean Tauros Water
2:33 Paldean Tauros Fire
2:47 Primeape
3:22 Krookodile
3:53 Crabominable
4:23 Super Effective Type Coverage
5:05 Support Pokemon
5:41 Honchkrow
6:28 Froslass
7:05 Toxapex 6 Star Fire Raid intro
7:08 Toxapex Raid (corrupted audio replaced with Levincia theme)
8:20 Toxapex Raid Calculation
8:48 Hippowdon 6 Star Ice Raid Intro
9:03 Hippowdon Raid with explanation
10:31 Hippowdon Raid Calculations
11:02 Problem Raid Pokémon for Anger Point Strategy
11:40 Bonus Situational Support with Auto-Critical
12:15 Murkrow for assisting cheeky turn one OHKO's
12:45 Outro
12:54 OHKO Outro Montage

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