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Introducing the BETAFPV Pavo25 Frame Kit

If you're looking to record some smooth cinematic footage, there's no better drone than a Cinewhoop. BETAFPV has released their latest and most versatile Cinewhoop to date, the Pavo25. It borrows many features from its bigger brother, the Pavo30 such as a center mounted stack and PA12 constructed frame. The Pavo25 is offered both as a Bind and Fly(BNF), as well as a frame kit. Today we test the latter of the two and truly see the capabilities of this drone. For more info, Check out:
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Buy the Pavo25 Frame Kit Here:
Buy the Pavo25 Here:
Buy the Pavo 30 Pro Here:
Buy the Lite Radio3 Pro Here:
Buy the 1Watt ELRS Module:
Buy ELRS Micro RX Here:

Pavo25 Build & Setup:
BetaFPV Pavo30 Unboxing:
BetaFPV Pavo30 Full Specs:
BetaFPV Pavo30 1st Flight:
BETAFPV Recovery Dongle:
LiteRadio3 Setup & Flight:
LiteRadio 3 1st-Impression:
Lite Radio 2SE Setup & Flight:
Lite Radio 2SE 1st Impression:
GEPRC SMART16 1st Flight:
TinyHawk III RTF Impressions:
TinyHawk III RTF Full Specs:
TinyHawk III First Flight:
TinyHawk III 5 Things I Like and Dislike:
GEPRC TinyGo Unboxing:
GEPRC TinyGO Full Specs:
GEPRC TinyGO Setup & 1st Flight Pt.1:
GEPRC TinyGo 1st Flight Pt2:
GEPRC TinyGO 5 Things to Like & Dislike:
ELRS FULL Setup Pt1:
What is ExpressLRS:
ELRS TX Nano Module:
Radio Lite2 SE w/ELRS Pt1:
BabyHawk II 1st Flight:
BabyHawk II Unbox/1st Impression:
BabyHawk II Setup:
X-Knight35 Unbox:
X-Knight35 Setup:
X-Knight35 1st Flight:
GEPRC Smart 35 Unbox & Impressions:
GEPRC Samrt35 1st Flight Pt. 2:
GEPRC Smart35 1st Flight Pt.1:
Baby Nazgul Unbox & 1st Impression:
Baby Nazgul Setup & 1st Flight Pt1:
DJI Spark:
DJI Spark Accessories:
Insta 360 OneX:

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