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3 Simple Kitchen Gadgets That Surprisingly Work

Today I'm testing out three kitchen gadgets that fared better than I expected. They are a baggie holder, toaster bags, and Total Rack.

• Here's a short update on this video after 1 year:
• Another video of simple kitchen gadgets:

• Toaster Bags: I bought these but they may not be available.
• Toaster Bags 2: These are cheaper and more popular
• Baggie Holder:
• Total Rack:
• A similar, cheaper rack that doesn't expand:

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Music by Epidemic Sound
"Feel Good" by Andre Aguado
"Somewhere Out There" by Daxten
"Soulsearching" by Sum Wave
"Granite Stone (Instrumental Version)" by Daxten

0:00 Introduction
0:28 Toaster Bags
5:44 Bag Holder
10:07 Total Rack
12:11 Final Thoughts

#gadgets #review #asseenontv

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