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Steam Train Race, Train Ride Through Switch Backs, Cass Scenic Railroad Trains In West Virginia!

Shay steam locomotive races diesel at the top of the mountain at Spruce, West Virginia. Steam train ride up the steep grade to Spruce with 2 SWITCH BACKS! Cass Scenic Railroad steam trains in Cass, West Virginia. This video shows the ride up the steep mountain grade through both switch backs and it shows the ride back down. There was also a race between our shay steam train and the diesel train that came from Elkins, West Virginia. Both trains met at Spruce to have lunch, enjoy a live band and watch the train race. I have seen this train race a couple times and it is a lot of fun. These steam locomotives are the real thing! They burn coal and most of them actually worked on these steep mountain grades pulling the lumber out to the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway mainline. However, the original tracks up these mountains were narrow gauge, unballasted and stick rail. We rented one of the restored company homes in the state owned town of Cass. We are returning here again for the 2020 rides and I wanted to post this since I had not done so yet. 160.455. Filmed July 15, 2017.

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