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2 Final Boss Vs Griffon the Great | Stick War Legacy

Hey everyone, welcome to another video of stick war legacy. As you remember, that I've previously done a video, where I've used 2 Griffon the Great to fight against a Final Boss. In this video, I'll be doing exactly opposite of that. Today I'm going to do 2 Final Boss on my side against a Griffon the Great on enemy side. This will be really fun to watch.

Not only that, in today's video, there's even more interesting things. Video is overall 8 and a half minutes long. So, you'll going to see even more epic battle's in this video. For that, you'll need to sit down and watch this video till the end. That's all. I hope you'll enjoy this video. Hope you'll smack 👊 that like button 👍✅

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