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DIY McFry Potato Hotel Recipe

So for our fourth segment we decided to get a recipe out of the way by dangerously trying to use only the equipment from the hotel room. Julia had her full support behind my decision. Watch to see how we manage to not do anything special, but show our love of food, beer and McDonald's.

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McFry Potato
550 Calories Per Large Fry

Prep: 5 minutes
Melt: 5 minutes
• Clothing Iron
• Conveniently sized trash receptacle
• Coffee Mugs

• 4 Creamer
​• 1 Milk Chocolate Bar
• 1 White Chocolate Bar
• Frosting for the White Chocolate
• French Fries (preferably McDonald's)

1. Melt down the chocolate with a creamer or two each. Add more or less chocolate for desired thickness.

2. The white chocolate looked to have a thicker sugary appearance so I recommend adding a bit of frosting to get the right texture and taste.

3. You don't have to pipe them on top, you could just pour from the coffee mug. I noticed that back while editing the video. Why didn't we just pour it on the fries?

4. That's it. To try the Japanese experience, it shouldn't be too hard to pull off. Even if you're in a hotel room.


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