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Benefits of Before and After Photos for Cosmetic Clinics | Treatment Pad Review

Join me as I discuss how I improve patient satisfaction through the use of Treatment Pad, an application that uses artificial intelligence to help take and generate accurate and instant before and after photographs.

As a cosmetic injector, being able to show the patient results after treatment is not only important for assessing the changes, but it is also important in gaining a patient's trust. By being able to quickly and explicitly show the patient the benefits of their treatment, confusion is reduced and patient understanding is increased.

Treatment Pad is available to download through the iOS store and some features require an upgraded subscription. Treatment Pad uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify facial markers, such as the eyes, nose and mouth to align photographs at the tap of a button. It will also zoom in and crop photographs accordingly. Some advanced features of the app allow you to take accurate photographs in real time. On the split view screen you will be presented with the static before picture on the left and a live view on the right making it easy for comparison. In addition, the integrated angle calculator will identify the angle of the face to ease the accuracy.

Templates with branding can also be made through the application, with the ability to add frames, blurs and texts to the photographs ready for patient presentation or uploading to social media.

With limited training required to use the app and the ability to use on mobile devices Treatment Pad has had a lot of success globally. It has been presented in several industry events throughout Australia and boasts clinics using the application from New York, Los Angeles to Harley Street in London.


With the ever-growing popularity of aesthetic treatments and facial sculpting injectables, producing quality before and after photos has never been more paramount for practitioners. Unfortunately, the slightest change in angle rotation or camera orientation can considerably change how the outcome of a procedure is portrayed in photos, thereby misrepresenting a practitioner’s good work.


- In the gallery view first select your before and after photos.
- Then press the facial alignment icon to use computer vision to mark and identify facial features detected in the photographs for automatic alignment.
- Use the optional grid overlay for micro-adjustments.
- Tap next to either save the collage to your device or share it.

- In the gallery view tap the camera icon at the bottom to launch the layout camera.
- Select photographs to compare with using the left pane.
- Take photographs with the camera using the right pane.
- Both panes have the facial alignment icon to aid alignment of the photographs.

- Tap on the upload button to select template editor
- Add blurs, frames and text
- Save the template to use later or generate a new template
- To access a saved template press on the stamp icon on the main view.

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Thanks for watching, if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Take care and stay healthy,
Dr Nora 💉


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