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Swift 3 & Firebase 4 & 3 - How to Build Smooth Instagram Navigation - Ep 6 (Build Instagram)

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CURRICULUM (99 lectures):

- Swift 3 and Firebase 3, Updated to Firebase 4
- Beautiful UI.
- Email Log In and Sign Up with Robust Error Checking.
- Share Photo and Video Posts on UI and Firebase.
- Retrieve and Show Posts Fast and Scalable.
- Comment. Show and Hide Keyboard. Design Scalable Database.
- Like Post The Scalable Way: Thousands of Users Can Like A Post at
The Same Time.
- Design Profile and Display User Information.
- Follow, Unfollow and All That.
- Like and Follow: The Model-View-Controller Approach.
- News Feed Revisited: Show Your Posts and Those by Followed
- Search the Right Way: Search As You Type.
- Everything You Need to Know about Visiting A User Profile.
- User Setting.
- View Post Details When Tapping a Post.
- Display Photos Based on Their Sizes Using Dynamic Heights.
- Filter Photos.
- Hashtags and User Mentioning.
- Show Timestamps for Posts.
- Notifications.
- Walkthrough.

- News Feed Revisited: Don't Load Millions of Post at Once. Load
Some Posts First; Load More If Needed.
- Order Posts on Feed Based on Anything You Want: Time, Trending,
and All That.
- Build A Beautiful Custom Camera.
We Are One by Vexento
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