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Urban Farming Using Wood Chips to Create the Best Organic Fertilizer

John from visits the Last Organic Outpost Community Farm in Houston, Texas to share with you how they are creating some of the best FREE fertilizers on the planet at their farm by using several free resources including: Wood Chips, Chipped Yard Waste, Fruit and Vegetable Waste, Worms and more. You will discover that soil is the best investment you can make when organic gardening or farming and how you can literally put money in the bank by building your soil.

You will discover the secret to why using wood chips to create a fungal dominated compost as well as a bacterial based thermal compost made with wood chips and fruit and vegetable scraps that is aerated to speed up the decomposition is critical to creating a productive, low cost fertilizer that will bring the highest level of fertility and organic matter to the land.

In this episode you will also discover why compost makes you (and your garden) feel good as well as the role that earthworms and black soldier flies can play in building fertility in the soil.

You will discover some of the crops that are being grown in Houston, Texas if you are wondering some of the vegetables you should plant if you live in this area or not.

You will also learn how to best utilize the wood chips in your garden to create raised beds that will increase soil nutrition and fertility over time instead of decrease it as common synthetic fertilizers and tilling.

Finally, John will make his personal suggestions to the farm on how to take this farm "to the next level" by supercharging their biologic systems already in place on the farm with 70-90 different trace minerals to increase yields, increase the health of the plants, and create healthier food for the community.

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