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04-09-19 Aurora Co - Blizzard Gas Fill Ups and Blizzard Prep in 80 Degree Weather

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Today Denver enjoyed temps in the 80s in some spots. People were out enjoying the Spring like weather with Blizzard Warnings issued for noon tomorrow. Gas stations were busy and stores as well in Preparation of a Major Blizzard set to hit the area tomorrow. A 70 Degree Temo Change is possible in some areas as well. Blizzard Warnings are in effect for most of the Eastern Plains including the Front Range. 4-8" of Snow w 60 to 70 Mph.

Shot list

Temp sign showing 81 Degrees
People at Dog Park
People playing soccer games
People Walking in Shorts
Blizzard Sign w Harley Riding by
Busy Gas Stations
People filling up
Empty Water Shelf
Long lines at store

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