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SOLO SITUATION?? Do you just want to be left alone?! 😩 Are you coming out of hermit mode soon?

Aquarius Love Partnership Tarot Reading for last of March through April

Hello and thanks for watching Scorpio Spy Tarot

I am so very happy to bring you messages and I thank you for your support of me and this brand new channel. You are currently my purpose and I thank you for helping me grow. The desires are that you receive messages you most need at this time!

Hopefully this “general” 😉 reading resonates with you. If it does resonate, please comment, like and subscribe so you may receive more messages in tarot from universe/spirit and yours truly.

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This is a general reading. Sometimes certain messages within the same reading are for you, someone around you, or other people of your star sign entirely! Please feel free to check out the videos I have for you under other placements in your chart, such as moon, rising and venus

If you’re wondering—
(here's my "About me" shpeel haha)
♏️ Scorpio Sun + ♓️ Pisces Rising 😊 With lots of fire and Scorpio placements dominating my chart. I am no astrology pro (yet 😉) but basically I’m a weirdo. lol jk but I am trying to navigate my path just like anyone else and minimize making mistakes along the way.
Thank you for your interest in reading about me, my “qualifications” (I’m obviously teasing about “qualifications”) and interests. Blessings
💧 🔥 💧 🔥 💧

For those who wish to support the channel -- An amazon wishlist has lots of cool decks for variety of messages and readings. The energies and imagery help enhance and give more insight during readings
Of course-- (: No pressure...just for if you're feeling generous or want to show appreciation
Or even if you want to see a specific deck in use in the videos for your sign!

Support through my affiliate links!


You may want to consider viewing the items I have listed here through affiliation program w/ Amazon...

Where you can help me earn small amounts (everything helps!) JUST by using my affiliate links at no additional cost to you!

Yep, it's that easy. If you want to check out the cool decks, I will get a small reward for referring cool people like you. :D Amazing, right?

Check out the ones from this video!

Double Sided Artsy Deck

The eerily beautiful deck of the cartoonish girls with big eyes o.o

Red and Gold Deck


Disclaimer: As a requirement—this video is not meant for personal counsel. Please consult a professional for advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only.

I appreciate each and every one of you and I am humbled by your support as I didn't expect so much so soon (:

with love,
Scorpio Spy Tarot

#aquariuslove #aquariustarot #aquarius

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