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How to Get the CONTEXTUALIZATION Point on the DBQ & LEQ

If you need more help, consider ENROLLING in my online AP ESSAY CRAM COURSE which walks through every point on the DBQ, LEQ, and SAQ rubrics in detail:

For a video on the ENTIRE DBQ, watch this:

For a video on how to write the LEQ, watch this:

For all my other AP U.S. History Content, go here:


In this video I walk you through the first point on the AP History (APUSH, AP World, AP Euro) rubric: CONTEXTUALIZATION.

Contextualization is graded the same way on both the Document Based Question (DBQ) and the Long Essay Question (LEQ).

Being specific is key to earning the contextualization point, and in this video I give you a few specific tips on how to earn the point.

If you need a rubric, it's hard to beat the work of Tom Richey:

If you have any questions about contextualization on DBQ essays or LEQ essays, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I'll answer forthwithly.

For those interested, here is all the equipment I use to shoot these videos:

Canon SL1:
Rode microphone:
Manfrotto tripod:

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