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Why Most Yard Drains Fail - Must Watch!!!!

Why Most Yard Drains Fail - Must Watch!!!!

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I wanted to do a video on why most yard drains fail. We use these two pipes and we endorse these two pipes. They're both eight slots. They're both made by Baughman Tile. One is a custom ran pipe just for yard drains and foundation drains and that's the Royal blue that you see look at the size inlets. That is the largest inlet that you can find in any pipe right there. A big difference between the blue and the yellow, so we lean really hard on the blue and we love that pipe. It's called the Baughman High-Octane. I'm wanting to show you guys all the different reasons why yard drains fail. We see it all the time every week we're digging up failed drains to replace them with ours which are proven three decades and are all working. So here we go.

We did not put this drain in. I wanted to show you what failure looks like. We were at a VIP client of ours that we were planting a few trees late season. You can see the snow on the ground in Michigan and this is a pipe with a wrap, a filter wrap. This is not the right way to do a yard drain. Your stone is going to mix with your dirt and they're going to plug. So what good is a pipe that doesn't have any dirt in it if you can't get the water in it because the stone migrates into the dirt and the dirt migrates in the stone? So one of the biggest sins in yard drains, this is not right for a yard drain. You got to wrap the stone and pipe as one. And I've had a lot of people say, well do you still want to wrap the pipe? That's redundant. Nothing's getting past the first wrap. If you use a really good filter wrap. We use a non-woven geotextile fabric that is punched and we have it ran through that process and punched twice. That's why we flow more water.

Now dirt. Nobody wants to haul it away. I get it. It's an expense. Excavation, it's an expense, but that's why yard drains fail. People don't want to haul out all that dirt. We haul out all that dirt and we don't put any of it back in. We fill the trench in with stone. Look at all that stone.

There used to be just nothing but clay in this yard. Now there's this great vein of stone to move water. We can put the sod on top of this. We'll do our burrito wrap and the sod grow just fine. Just cut it off with two and a half inches of root. No dirt back in the trench. You work too hard to get the dirt out. If it was worth keeping, you wouldn't be there in the first place because soil with low or no percolation is that's the jobs that we're on. Okay?

Now here, this is perfect. I love this. This is great. So some guy's gonna write you up a quote and tell ya, I'm including five inlet basins for the bulk water and I'm going to have a four-inch pipe and carry it out to nowhere because a lot of these drains literally go nowhere.

So here we go. So the frost heaves these basins in Michigan. This is not Florida, we can't do this. The basin heaves. That's why we use blind inlets. And I'm starting to show you more and more how to incorporate a blind inlet. The frost will even heave the pipe and I just showed that really quick in that clip there. But that's a joke and it's a scam.

Okay, so this is like the talk, right fabric. Is it worth it? Do you know which one do you buy? You have to have a non-woven geotextile fabric and you can't just go on Amazon. You just can't buy the cheap stuff. You have to buy good punched fabric. Now we started to sell ours online to you guys because we run ours through a process where it's punched twice. Now, there are no tricks here. Everybody wants to, you know in the comments section, talk about, Oh, it's concaved so now you've got twice the surface area. I really don't care if I'm holding a fire hose to this thing. It's going to take the water. The buckets full so now it's overflowing. So I've proven it time and time again. Our fabric works better than any of the other fabrics on the market. It has a crazy strong tensile strength, which is incredible because we've punched it full of so many holes to bring up the flow rate and it still maintains its strength. [...]

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