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Injection Spray Foam into existing walls

Midwest Professional Foam Insulation, LLC applies spray foam insulation for residential, commercial, and agricultural structures in the St. Louis, Missouri area as well as areas stretching well beyond. Our staff at Midwest Professional Foam Insulation, LLC are certified and licensed to apply spray foam insulation and cover all of Missouri, Eastern Kansas, Southern Iowa, and Western/Southern Illinois.

Midwest Professional Foam Insulation, LLC is a spray foam contractor associated with Lapolla Industries who is a world leader in the manufacturing of Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation. The application of open cell or closed cell spray foam insulation will create an air barrier and provide you an increased R-value over conventional fiberglass or cellulose insulation. The application of spray foam insulation has lead to energy savings of 45% in homes.

Our staff can help you identify leaks in your current building envelope and discuss ways we can help save you money on your current and future energy costs. Don’t spend another hot summer or cold winter in an improperly insulated home. Let us come out and help make living in your home a cost efficient and pleasant experience. Whether you are building a new home and are looking for ways to reduce energy costs, or you have an existing home that you want to achieve better performance from, we have the knowledge to help you with all of your spray foam insulation needs. Please check out the links on our page for videos and explanations on the different types of spray foam insulation we offer. If there are any questions please contact us so a member of our staff can assist you and answer your questions.

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