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Get Under Tilted Towers in Season 6 (Under The Map) Fortnite Glitches Season 6 PS4/Xbox one 2018

In this video I am going to show you how to get under the map in tilted towers easily.

This method is the new method and it's working on season 6 patch.

This glitch will work on PS4, Xbox one and also on PC.

Instructions :-

Just go to the location in tilted towers and then built stairs and then take the shopping cart inside the stairs and then place it exactly like me and then press drive twice and if you do it correctly you'll be inside the map in tilted towers.

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Music in the video :- Heavyweight by Redmoon

Video edited by :- Sharefactory PS4

Friends helped me in the video:-
Ali Shebli

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I will see you on my next video.

Peace out.

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