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Organizing & Decluttering Kids Art Supplies (Simplify Toys Series Ep. 9)

Lets simplify and organize our children's art supplies in a way that they are engaged with them longer and so they are SUPER EASY to clean up! Simple tips and ideas to have a creative space for your kids that is a breeze to maintain!!

The various organization ideas (art cart, over the door & shelves) can be found here:


1. The trick to Organize ALL of your kids Toys in 20 Minutes!:

2. Should we include our kids when organizing toys?:

3. Top 3 Ways to get your kids excited about giving away toys they've outgrown or no longer play with |

4. Ditching Buyer's Remorse relating to TOYS |

5. How many Children's Books should we have? |

6. How to get your Friends & Family to GIVE LESS TOYS |

6 1/2. Mom, STOP guilting me about getting rid of toys! |

7. Why its safe to get rid of BIG toys |

8. Outdoor Toys that keep kids playing LONGER |

9. Organizing Kids Craft & Art Supplies | (That's this video!)

10. Throw or keep? How to handle kids art projects |

📷 INSTAGRAM: More insights into our minimalist family life

...and on my blog:

🎒 B A C K T O S C H O O L:

1) 7 Tips for Save Money on B2S Shopping:

2) Setting up your Drop Zone:

3) Our Morning Routine:

4) Crap, should my daughter be in dance?? Planning our Fall Schedule:

🖥 R E L A T E D P O S T S:

How I store and organize kids clothes:

Baby Keepsakes- What we keep & how:

🏠 B U Y I N G O R S E L L I N G A H O M E?

We can help with that! Tom and I are licensed Realtors and can help no matter where you live!!

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