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Arise by Don Moen (Bass Lesson)

Help support this ministry!
You can send in your donations through:
For other ways to donate please send a message to Facebook page "Jikyonly".

Why donate?
We have started this Bass Ministry for years now and I'm really happy for all the support and prayers you have given me to be able to continue this. Just to let you know, I barely earn money from this YT channel. Most of my uploaded videos (like 80 to 90%) are demonetized due to copyright claims from the original owner of the songs. Also one reason why you can't download it on your phone. I was advised to make bass lessons without using the original audio to have my videos monetized. I have thought about it and I really don't want to sacrifice the lessons, as it will be more difficult to guide the viewer with just the bass alone explaining the chords, riffs etc. The main reason for this Fund Support is to support this ministry. The money donated will be used to buy equipment, gadgets, strings or even a new bass guitar (5 string bass) to further improve the Guides/Lessons. I will also post updates on this page regarding the funds and where it was used. A little amount will mean a lot! Thank you once again fore the continued support. May God bless all of us and to Him be all the glory, honor, power and praise!

Facebook: jikyonly
Instagram: jikyonly
Twitter: @jikyonly

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