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Parsing RSS Feed to select content for auto posting - Video Tutorial

Sometimes you will need to edit Feed content when using RSS to post automatically, because not every news page with RSS Feed provides a simple and clean content structure. This is where our Parser Code comes in.

These command lines will give our Get Fulltext Processor the ability to parse the syndicated Feed content to select element you want and restructure it before auto posting on your Wordpress site, or any Destination that Pipes can handle. However, since Parser Code requires you to work with command lines and strict syntax, it's a bit hard to use.

In this short tutorial video I would like to give you a basic image of what Parser Code is, what power does it bring, and how to get it work to benefit your auto posting.

For more parsing commands and their syntax, please visit the Documentation area on our home page

The plugin we use is WP Pipes at, a powerful plugin to handle auto content and auto posting on various Sources and Destinations, released by

WP Pipes can also handle Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn posts, is able to import CSV files for Posts/WooCommerce/bbPress and it can also be used as a RSS Feed Creator.

Transcription with screen captures for every step, and a support forum are also available at Visit us at for more time saving, auto posting and auto blogging services.

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