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How to Cancel an Email Sent in Gmail

How to Cancel an Email Sent in Gmail
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In today's video, Blake from MailTag shows you how to cancel an email after you've click sent.

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This hidden feature within Gmail is called "Undo Send" which allows you to delete a recently sent email on Gmail. If you've ever made a typo before, this tutorial on how to delete sent mail at any time from Gmail will save you!

#1). Login to your Gmail Settings
#2). Scroll down to the section labeled "Undo Send"
#3). Select the amount of time you wish to allow yourself to cancel an email, after clicking "Send".
#4). Save changes.
#5). Done! Test it for yourself by sending an email.

MailTag is a browser extension that lets you track your emails in real-time, for free.

- Account managers, businesses, sales teams, and people with direct client relationships
- Professionals looking to increase their productivity and track emails
- Teams, project managers, coordinators and internal communications
- Independent contractors, professionals, and freelancers
- Professionals actively looking for employment
- Anyone sending emails from Gmail

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