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Miniclip 8 Ball Pool Ultimate Guideline Hack Oct 2017 PC

Use the hack to win every game easily on 8 ball pool.
All Links used in this video is given below.
This hack will increase the length of you aim line or guideline.
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Miniclip Soccer stars guideline hack here:

If you need some pool coins -- check this Unlimited Daily spin hack -

(For those how are comment below 'Not Working'): Shut the fk Off:
Working as on 21 November 2016
(Any other problem): Message me on fb

Cheat engine 6.6 :

1.Ultimate Guideline Hack New (100% working)(unsafe):
(^Do not use more than 3 times a day or you will be banned. If you want to use it some more times then play one game refresh the page and enable the hack again. Or create new id play and win some matches and transfer coins to your other account.)

2.Safest Guideline Hack (100% safe)(work in All rooms)(Hard to use)-
(^This is a video tutorial about 8 ball poll safest hack. But it is hard to use. If you use it on regular basis, you will get used to it. Go to this link if you want to play safely without getting ban on coin lose.)

3. New safer in-build easy to use Guideline hack with ban protection(How to setup and download link).
(^This Guideline hack is safer but you have to download a 59 mb software for using it. Using this you can play up to 40 games in a day. Also, this guideline works in all rooms including no guideline rooms.)

Decimal to Hex converter:
(^You no longer need this. The hack will automatically find the process id)

Press Shift + Esc to open task manager in google chrome.
If you are having "Failure loading the trainer" problem then --
watch this --
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