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Franklin - Hurry Up Franklin / Franklin's Bad Day - Ep. 2

Turtles are slow, but Franklin's penchant for constantly stopping to smell the roses makes him slow even for a turtle. But when it comes to his best friend Bear's surprise birthday party, Franklin is determined to be on time. However, he discovers too late that once again he's allowed his preoccupation with the little things to sidetrack him.

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"FRANKLIN'S BAD DAY" - Franklin finds himself having the "worstest" day of his life. He's made to play outside in the snow although he doesn't want to. The ice on the pond is too thin to skate on and the pitted toboggan run ruins the ride. Ultimately Franklin is sent to his room for talking back to his mother. In a burst of frustration he knocks down the toy castle he built with his good friend Otter and only then realizes why he's feeling so badly - Otter has moved away and he's trying to deal with the loss of a good friend he feels he'll never see again.

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