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10. ME, Co-morbidity and Exclusion Criteria

In this thenth seminar Prof. Dr. Kenny De Meirleir talks about co-morbidities and exclusion criteria and ME.

This web seminar is part of the project 'Wetenschap voor Patiënten' or in English 'Science for Patients'. This project is realized through a collaboration between Science Alliance and the Dutch ME/cvs Vereniging. There will be 20 web seminars with Prof. Dr. Kenny De Meirleir. Other ME/cfs scientists will follow. Not all seminars are available with English subtitles yet. We are working hard to produce them for you. Sign up to this Youtube channels to see the latest video's.
This video does not contain any diagnostic or therapeutic information about your own medical condition. It can never replace a personal consult. Notify your attending doctor in time about any question, complaint or sympom you might have.

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