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How to Start a Mobile VoIP Business

To start your VoIP Business:

How to Start a Mobile VoIP Business:

Step 1 - 1:28
Set up a VoIP infrastructure, comprising of required hardware and software.

Step 2 - 2:15
You will need to provide the applications for which customers will originate calls from. For a full blown retail service, you will have to purchase software solutions like: Mobile Dialers, PC Dialer.

Step 3 - 2:29
You will have to ensure a fully functional business website supported with payment options to provide services efficiently to your global customers.

Step 4 - 2:38
To terminate calls to your customers both in retail and wholesale business, you will have to interconnect with multiple carriers globally for various termination destinations.

Step 5 - 2:50
After getting done with establishing the infrastructure and fulfilling other basic requirements, you will then have to find customers while offering competitive rates with good quality of services.

Step 6 - 3:03
Finally, once you have started acquiring customers with transactions or calls, you will have to ensure 24/7 customer support services through which your customers will be able to reach you during any service disruptions.


In recent years, VoIP services have changed the way of Communication. The advancement in Communication with improved internet speed have opened new doors of opportunities for the VoIP industry to grow rapidly in the coming years. VoIP now offers Instant Messaging, video sharing, screen sharing, file sharing, video and voice calls, CRM integration services, virtual number services beside SMS, Mobile Top Up, and many more. Communication Service Providers across the globe now have a great chance to embrace cutting edge VoIP technologies and quickly launch their own business.

Let’s hear some interesting future VoIP predictions.
• There will be 1 billion VoIP users by 2017.
• It’s projected that the VoIP services market will expand 10% every year until 2021.
• The global market for UC and VoIP services will reach $88 billion by 2018.
Before you start your business, you need to choose a VoIP Software Solution Provider that best serves your business needs regarding VoIP Infrastructure and Applications.
To choose the right Solution Provider, you should:
1. Visit website and read blogs of different solution providers.
2. Try free demo of different solution providers.
3. Visit different solution provider’s offices and discuss VoIP.
And finally decide which solution provider to go with considering your specific business requirements.
VoIP Revolution is not over yet,
it has just begun.

To start your VoIP Business:

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