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Back up your WordPress Website easily with Backup Buddy!
Having a solid backup of your WordPress website is critical - if you get hacked, the server crashes or you simply let your hosting account expire - you'll want to have a copy of your website ready to load.

Backup Buddy is very simple as it will allow you to backup your website to a local folder or remote server at the click of a button. You can then schedule Back Up Buddy to do this every day, week or month - as often as you like.

Backing up Your Wordpress website with Backup Buddy is ridculously easy, and restoring it is just as simple. Upload importbuddy and the backup, visit the import buddy file through your browser and you'll be guided through a simple step by step procedure and the website will be up and running.

This same process can be used for transferring from one server to another, a few clicks and your down - WordPress is backed up, moved to a new server and ready to fire on all cylinders!

This video shows you how to do all of this effortlessly with Backup Buddy! Follow Creator Impact on Social Media!

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