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Cartilage Earrings - Different Styles of Hoops & Studs for Cartilage

6 months after I got my cartilage pierced I started to have problems with my two cartilage piercings. Both became swollen and had a large bump on the back with puss. I was 17 at the time and knew nothing like I do now when it came to piercings. I couldn’t take the pain and annoyance of wearing studs because they were too tight on my ears and I didn’t like the feeling when I slept with them. I switched to the only pair of tiny earrings I had at the time which were my baby hoops.

Once I started working at Piercing Pagoda, I switched my cartilage earrings to a pair of tiny gold hoops and I’ve had them in ever since. Hoops for me personally are much more comfortable in the cartilage. I personally don’t like the feeling of sleeping with earring studs in my cartilage. I know that they’re there in my ears and it’s uncomfortable. With a hoop, I never notice that it’s inside of my cartilage and rarely ever get it caught to anything.

Different types of hoops:

Internally Threaded
Basic Stud with Butterfly/Silicone Backing

Earrings shown all from Piercing Pagoda. Visit your local Piercing Pagoda or shop online
Skus for earrings shown:
10k Yellow Gold Hinged Hoop: 19983351
14k Rose Gold Continuous Hoop: 20054392
10k Yellow Gold Huggie: 19983351
14k Internally Threaded Pear Shape Cartilage Earring: 20068147
10k Yellow Gold Ear Crawler: 20118060

Second Holes:
10k Yellow Gold 3mm Earring Studs (some pics): 20019317
14k Yellow Gold 4mm Earring Studs (video): 20033659

First Holes:
Sku: 20106044

Please be advised that I’m a Team Member of Signet Jewelers and my views do not represent Signet.

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