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Counter UAV - Nova: The Destroyer Of Scorestreaks! (Infinite Warfare Craft Or Pass?)

Today is the first episode of the new series im gonna be starting up called "Craft Or Pass?" Basically I review a scorestreak variant and let you guys know if it's worth the salvage to craft along with some other tips and tricks you might not know about. Let me know if you guys want me to do this series with weapon variants in the game because id be more than happy to, also drop a like if you enjoyed and subscribe for more Infinite Warfare Tips and Tricks, News, and more

●Infinite Warfare: NEW "Scorestreak Variants" Breakdown - How To Use, Strategies, & More
●Infinite Warfare: FREE "Trencher" LMG + "Auger" SMG Gameplay! (New Update)
●Call Of Duty: WWII Possible "Side Step/Dashing" Movement System?? (COD World War II Gameplay)

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What's going on guys my name is Mr TheRevertz or Revertz
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