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Stick Figure – "Easy Runaway" (Official Lyric Video)

New album 'Wisdom' - https://ineffable.to/WISDOM

Stick Figure - "Easy Runaway" (Official Lyric Video)

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Video edited by Joe Wilson

It's like this song was already written
Let’s sit back, relax and have a listen
Listen to the message
No time for second guessing
Life it is a blessing
Don’t focus on what's missing
When you're stressed out take a deep breath
I hope that you can see it
The world needs people like you
You're here to make a difference
Go on and make a change, step into the rain
And I believe in you and someday we will meet again

I'm a hundred million miles from where I thought I was
I'm starting to become the person that I knew I could
So here I am, here I stand
I'm becoming a better man
The man upstairs has his plan, so understand it’s all written
It is alright
I got to make it alright

It's so easy, easy
It's gonna be alright, alright
It's so easy, easy
You’ve got to make it alright
Said I got to make it alright

So your soul it has awoken
Singing the songs and the words that have been spoken
Put your mind at ease with this melody
Love don't cost you nothing, so set your loving free
So your world it has been shaken
Your heart it has been breaking
Ask what more can I do
But the answer's deep inside you
So look and you shall find
Leave the past behind
Have a little faith, everything will be just fine

When I look up to the sky I see no broken dreams
I see an angel in the sky who's smiling down on me
She says hello, even though I might find myself alone
She gives me love, gives me hope
When I'm lost she takes me home
It's alright
Said I got to make it alright

It's so easy, easy
It's gonna be alright, alright
It's so easy, easy
It's gonna be alright
You've got to make it alright

Take it, take it easy
Come on baby take it easy
Come on take it easy
Come on baby take it easy, yeah
Everything will be just fine


Stick Figure Summer 2023 Tour Dates:
5/27/23 - Monterey, CA - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/3/23 - Honolulu, HI - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/6/23 - Mesa, AZ - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/8/23 - Las Vegas, NV - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/16/23 - Denver, CO - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/23/23 - Baltimore, MD - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/25/23 - Asbury, NJ - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/28/23 - Apopka, FL - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
6/30/23 - Boca Raton, FL - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/2/23 - St. Petersburg, FL - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/5/23 - Virginia Beach, VA - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/9/23 - New Haven, CT - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/11/23 - Chicago, IL - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/14/23 - Salt Lake City, UT - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/16/23 - Tacoma, WA - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/18/23 - Bend, OR - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/20/23 - Stanford, CA - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI
7/22/23 - Lake Tahoe, NV - https://6xxb.short.gy/SS45wI

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