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Porn Addiction Side Effects (SCARY) - How To Do NOFAP And QUIT Watching Porn

Your BRAIN on PORN - The SCARY Effects of Porn Addiction & not practicing SEMEN RETENTION. Don't let these SCARY side effects of porn addiction AFFECT you!


Your Brain on Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction
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In this video, speaks on the side effects of watching porn & porn addiction. Pornography in today`s world of high speed internet seems like a very normal thing which lot of people are consuming. But is it really a harmless activity? Porn ruin and harm not only relationships, but also your mental health. It can porn lead erectile dysfunction. Porn can rewire your brain & destroy relations with your partner.

What Happens to your Brain on Porn?
Compulsive use of pornography reconditions the way your brain responds to certain stimuli. It is the release of dopamine, a chemical that is a key player in your brain’s reward circuitry, which changes the way it behaves.

Your brain’s reward system tries to control & regulate behavior by prompting pleasurable feelings via its complex brain structures. These rewards tend to reinforce the behavior that induced the reward to begin with, & as is the case in addiction, this leads to a downward spiral as the addict struggles to flood his system with more dopamine, & the brain’s sensitivity slowly decreases, leading to a diminished pleasure response.

While this desensitization is happening (which leads the addict to seek more & more ways to become aroused), certain pathways have become sensitized & are now established addiction pathways, responsible for the sufferer conditioning their sexual behavior. Of course, we’re not saying that masturbating is unhealthy, on the contrary, it’s the excess that’s a problem. The addiction is what can negatively impact your life. If you crave it, like any other addict would crave a substance, then it can reach the point of being unbearable.

With a simple Google search, many can easily find out that within a month, in average, about 6,600 people search for the term: “how to stop watching porn”. Additionally, 1,140 people are looking for “stop watching porn” & “can’t stop watching porn”. These are some examples. It’s blatantly obvious that you’re not alone, & many people are actively looking for a solution.

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