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Victory Royale! Season 7 Victory....finally.

Hey everyone, today I have gameplay of Fortnite Battle Royale.
Fortnite is still one of my favorite game to play even though it's significantly gotten harder for me to win in the game lol.
Nevertheless, I still love going for that victory and finally, I got another one.
Yesterday on February the 2nd at 2pm at "Pleasent Park"(in-game location) Fortnite had a ridiculous concert starring "Marshmallow(Music Superstar). I apologize that I didn't capture any of that event because unfortunately, I fell asleep waiting for it. Let's just say my sleeping schedule is on the fritz.
Anyway, footage of the event can be seen all over youtube via other youtubers videos or live streams. I will be more prompt in getting in all the future live events, so have no fear.
Hope you enjoy the video and until till next time, I'll see you.

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