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How to Stress Phrases with "And" - Binomial Expressions and English Rhythm

Learn how to stress common phrases containing the word "and" - otherwise known as binomial expressions. Let's practice English rhythm with stress patterns for phrases containing the word "and." Binomial expressions are a great way to get started stressing phrases clearly in American English.

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0:00 Introduction to stress patterns
1:32 Food Phrases with "and"
2:25 People Phrases with "and"
3:05 Musical Phrases with "and"

🤗 I’m Kim, and I’m here to help you express your meaning and your message through stress, intonation, and how you you use your voice and breath.

In other words, you’ll learn how to communicate clearly and confidently in American English so that people will definitely understand (and *listen* to) what you have to say.

📢 Want to improve how you sound, but not sure where to start?

These videos will help you find your voice in English:

👩‍💻 Learn all about courses and coaching right here:

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