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The Best Geology Textbooks - GEOLOGY: Episode 2

In this Geology Episode I talk about Geology Textbooks that I used while at University. I picked my top 7 favorite books that you can use to study about geology and rocks. These 7 books can be used by both Geologists and Geology Hobbyists!

Book 1: "Understanding Earth" BY: Press Siever & Grotzinger Jordan
Book 2: "Bringing Fossils to Life" BY: Donald R. Prothero
Book 3: "An Introduction to Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology" BY: John D. Winter
Book 4: "A Color Atlas of Rocks and Minerals in Thin Section" BY: W.S. MacKenzie & A.E. Adams
Book 5: "Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy" BY: Sam Boggs, Jr.
Book 6: "A Color Guide to the Petrography of Carbonate Rocks: Grains, Textures, Porosity, Diagenesis." BY: Peter A. Scholle & Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle
Book 7: "The Geological Interpretation of Well Logs" BY: Malcolm Rider

Got any Geology related questions you can find me here:
@shylamagirl (

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