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Straightening My Natural Hair

So lets try this again... lol. Youtube so iffy about copywrite issues i had to reupload.. Anyway..I am showing you an updated version of me straightening my hair. What makes this different from how I straightened my hair last time is that I set my hair in cornrows the night before to lessen the amount of water I have in my hair as well as to stretch it. Which made my blow drying time a breeze, not to mention lessen the chances of heat damage. Also, this time I actually show you how I curled my hair for body waves which I forgot to do last time. Because in my last video I showed you guys cutting my bangs and creating a failing modern mullet (ugh.) I did fix them and create layers to blend my hair. The finish product is in this video, but please stay tuned because I did record how i did it which will be up next week!


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Fun Facts:
- Start of Healthy natural hair journey date: October 20, 2012
- Big Chop Date: June 9, 2013
- Hair length at Big Chop: 3.5 inches
- Mini Chop Date: October 12, 2017
- Length at Mini Chop: 10.5 inches
- Current Hair Length at the Nape of my Neck: 12.0 inches
- Last Trim: March 9, 2018
- Next Trim: June 9, 2018
-Length Goal: Booty Length

Know Me:
SnapChat: Sweetpi1626

NCMS– The WHOevers
No Angel cover– Tei Shi
The Boy Is Mine– DTWEEZER

Camera: Mark ll Canon/Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18-55mm Kit
Editing: iMovie/ Premiere

Business inquiries: [email protected]

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