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How to Create a Digital Backup Copy of Your DVD & Blu ray Movies - MakeMKV & HandBrake

If you want to backup your movies and TV shows FASTER you can now enable GPU encoding in HandBrake and utilize Intel QuickSync, Nvidia NVENC or AMD VCE encoding to speed up the encoding process by 3X or greater!! Check out my video showing how to enable this amazing time saving feature -

Here's why I wanted to copy my DVD and Blu-Ray disc collection -

Download MakeMKV here -

Download Handbrake here -

Download VLC Media Player here -

Check out AnyDVD here -

Have you ever wanted to make a backup copy of your DVD or Blu-ray movies just in case your kids destroy them? Or are you looking to turn your disc based movie collection into a digital collection which you can load to your home media server? Well there is a way to do this. You'll just need a computer with an optical drive in it (Blu-ray/DVD drive) and a couple pieces of free to use software; namely MakeMKV and HandBrake. And if you happen to run into a disc that MakeMKV just doesn't like there is an alternate way to rip the movie using a program called AnyDVD HD. In this tutorial I walk you though how to copy your disc based movies and create digital copies you can then load onto your smart phone, tablet, computer or use with Plex, Kodi or other media servers of your choice. So enough blabbin' let's get this road on the show! XD

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-- Time Stamps --
0:00 - Disclaimer
0:22 - Me poking fun at myself XD
1:39 - Video Intro
2:06 - What "tools" you're going to need
3:21 - Using MakeMKV to copy your DVD's and Blu-ray discs
6:55 - Using HandBrake to Encode you movies
11:14 - Decrypting stubborn movies using AnyDVD
13:04 - Encode Folder (Batch Scan) using HandBrake
15:03 - Thanks for Watching! Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe! :)

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