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Creative Conversations: A Renaissance Man and a Female Architect in Marin County, CA.

Creative Happy Hour Ep. 19

Creative Happy Hour is on a one-week summer hiatus of sorts, and instead of the normal format, as episode 19, cohosts Micah Black and Karena Akhavein present you with what will become a regular bonus feature: Creative Conversations.

Here's the concept: we sit down with a creative personality, pour some wine and get to talking about the creative subjects that interest them, and what makes these creatives tick.

This time is a bit of an international edition, as we interview two Europeans. So in case your summer doesn't include a wine-drenched European vacation, this is almost a substitute. How do male and female creatives differ? What shapes a person, and makes them choose a creative life? What makes a creative choose to live in a certain place? You're about to find out.

Part 1: We pour a glass of Alexandre Cyrus Cabernet Sauvignon and chat with Max J. Van Praag. This dapper self-described Renaissance man is a polyglot who speaks five languages fluently, grew up in an artistic, international household, and practices several artistic media including music and the culinary arts. What made the peripatetic Van Praag choose to settle down in Marin County, California? It's a magical formula having to do with the light, the energy, and the creative possibilities. After all, Marin County, California's rare mix of natural beauty, climate, and proximity to San Francisco has attracted numerous artists, writers, musicians, and all other varieties of creative entrepreneur. You'll notice we keep Max's actual job a mystery. That's intentional. In an era where "what do you do?" seems to be acceptable cocktail party conversation, Max is adamant about not wishing to be defined by his job but rather by his numerous, constantly evolving passions. (35 minutes)

Part 2: At the 35 minute mark, we pour glasses of Whispering Angel rose and meet Nathalie Guillerault, the architect and interior designer behind Dock One Studio, a Marin County based design firm that creatives artful, harmonious spaces by focusing on the experience of being in a space, and using that space. For Nathalie, it's not just about decorating, it's more fundamental than that. Nathalie discusses how her upbringing in Europe formed her artistic and creative philosophies, how her creativity was discouraged by her parents at first because architecture was considered a "male" or "masculine" career, what life as a female architect looks like, and how she fosters creativity in her own children. Nathalie also makes her home in Marin County, and takes the Creative Happy Hour team through her decision to leave France and settle down in Marin. (55 min)

Welcome to Creative Happy Hour. Happy Hour is that magic time where you transition from what you have to do, to what you want to do. Each week, cohosts Micah Black and Karena Akhavein sample a cocktail or other adult beverage that will inspire them to riff on a different creative theme that will inspire, motivate, and entertain artists, creatives, and creative entrepreneurs. Whether you are an artist, a creative, a creative entrepreneur, or just trying to figure out what to do in the next chapter of your life, join us and get drunk on the creative possibilities. New episodes each Tuesday on Youtube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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Karena Akhavein is a writer, educator, designer, and publisher and founder of Spalmorum, a community platform that gives people the inspiration, motivation, and information to go from aspiring writer to successful author.
Karena Instagram: @spalmorum

Micah Black is a fiber artist who makes custom pieces that reflect the wearer's unique frequency.
Micah Instagram: @fiberfrequencies

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