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lovelytheband - "maybe, i’m afraid" Live Performance | Vevo

lovelytheband - "maybe, i'm afraid" (Official Performance) | Vevo

Mitchy Collins, lovelytheband's songwriter, says that examining life's anxieties is what drives his need to communicate. Describing these frustrations, which isn't exactly easy, is one of the reasons he became an artist, and certainly how the band's first EP, 'everything i could never say...,' earned its title. 'broken,' the record's addictive lead track, has chilling refrain: "I like that you're broken, broken like me." Along with guitarist Jordan Greenwald, and drummer Sam Price, Collins has been making music that's both vicious and dreamy. The August release of the LA outfit's 'finding it hard to smile," brought even more eloquence to the table. We had the guys in to our studio to run through "broken" and "maybe, i'm afraid," and they proved to be pretty damn irresistible.

Watch lovelytheband videos: https://bit.ly/2S7bfX3

Producer & Director: Kyle Goldberg
Editor: Colton Fordyce



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