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25 Twisted Futurama Facts That Will Surprise Even Longtime Fans

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While we may not have new episodes of Futurama to rely on any more, you better believe we will never stop rewatching our old favourite show. The adventures of the Planet Express crew will never get old, and we can’t imagine a world or a universe in which we’d ever get tired of them. As smart and touching as it was hilarious, Futurama really was one of a kind. And these crazy behind the scenes facts make us love it even more! Like the fact that Billy West voiced not only Fry but pretty much every other beloved cartoon character, or that Farnsworth was named after the guy who invented the TV! How about how all the episodes aired out of order, or how they once got fined for including too many characters in one shot? There’s a real mathematical equation behind the episode The Prisoner of Brenda, Fry is wearing the same outfit as James Dean, Bender can do almost anything AND is named after John Bender from The Breakfast Club. Philip K Fry is named after the amazing voice actor Phil Hartman, the writers have created two alien languages, the binary code seen throughout the show is actually telling us something, there are history jokes everywhere, famous sci-fi sound effects, a whole new direction for Hermes, and a bunch of owls that have taken over New New York! All this and more make up 25 amazing things we never knew about Futurama.

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