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Nirav Modi Scam Explained and The Wire & Media Lies EXPOSED

A lot of people are spreading falsehoods and outright lies when it comes to the Nirav Modi - Punjab National Bank scam. Outlets like The Wire, mainstream media companies and popular YouTubers like Dhruv Rathee are bending over backwards to blame PM Modi for this scam, as if the PM was hand in glove with Nirav Modi for this scam. Is that really true? Today on the Show, I try to clearly explain the scam and debunk some of these theories floating around the net and on YouTube. People are jumping the gun on this without evidence and it needs to be challenged.
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Sessions With Sham Sharma Ep. 1 - Shawn Binda from Hindu Lifestyle:
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Please watch: "#Pulwama Islamic Terror Attack | Liberals' SHAMELESS Bias Against India"

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