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Erth's Dinosaur Zoo

Forget about lions and tigers and bears. Meganueras and Dwarf Allosaurs and Leallynasuras are the beasts du jour in ERTH'S DINOSAUR PETTING ZOO, a remarkably realistic Jurassic journey. Performed as a participatory wildlife experience in the Australian outback, a rugged ranger and trusty dino keeper demonstrate, with help from you guys, how to hospitably handle the Mesozoic monsters. Kids can touch and feed astoundingly life-like puppet creations as they meander, munch and make the New Vic their own prehistoric playground. Manually operated by supremely skilled puppeteers, every dinosaur, be it a darling hatchling or teeth-gnashing giant, responds instantly to the audience for a truly intimate and authentic adventure. Don't worry, whether during the show or after, everyone gets a turn to tickle, tease or give a treat.

Playing at The New Victory Theater
January 18-27, 2013
For everyone 6+

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