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Abandoned : Ghost town- Dalmorton NSW Australia

Come explore abandoned Dalmorton Ghost town with me.
I explored this town in the end of summer here in Australia.
Dalmorton was first settled by people in search of gold but the rush didn't last too long as it was decided by geologists that there was not enough gold in the area to turn the place into a town. Not sure if that makes sense??
As with most gold rush towns it has mostly disappeared and alot of the building were dismantled and relocated to other parts of the region.
I love visiting the area and never get tired of heading down there when I have time to spend a few days camping.
Dalmorton is in northern nsw of Australia.
I hope you enjoy exploring with me and I hope I wasn't talking too fast for everyone? I was trying to get as much in as I could without dragging the video out too long and as a result was talking rather fast as well LOL.
If you want to know more about Dalmorton there is a lot of information if you do a Google search. Saves me having to write a book here that people get bored reading anyway.
Excuse my dirty fingernails, I did say I was prospecting.
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