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The Landlord | Mark Angel TV | Caretaker Series (Episode 14)

In this episode of Mark Angel Tv, Mark Angel, the Caretaker teams up with Baze 10 to become a landlord as he is told at the hospital by the doctor that his Landlord has only 24 hours left.

Mark Angel on hearing the news that his landlord has just 24 hours left is shocked, but quickly sees an opportunity in the situation.
He and Baze 10 walks into the hospital room where their landlord is. On reaching there, Baze 10 starts crying as he tells the landlord that the doctors say you he has only 25 hours.
Mark angel is not happy the way Baze 10 delivers the news so he taps Baze 10 on the shoulder asking hip to quit talking and then start talking to the landlord calmly trying to make the landlord not to worry about the fact that he will die soon as he promises to renovate the house for the landlord using his own money.
The landlord is excited hearing Mark Angel, his Caretaker say this, and thanks to him for being so caring.

Baze 10 is not OK with the idea of the Caretaker renovating the house for the landlord with his own money and questions where Mark Angel plans to such money from to renovate the house.
Mark tells him that he will get a loan from the bank to do the job. Baze 10 again questions how he will get the money to pay them back the loan, Mark Angel says he plans to increase the house rent by 100% percent once he becomes the new landlord as the current landlord is about to die. Baze 10 is worried that the plan will affect him negatively, but the Mark Angel promises to Make him the New Caretaker this way the increase in house rent will not affect him.

Mark Angel and Baze 10 the go on to renovate the house with the loan Mark Angel got from the bank while waiting for the landlord to die so they could claim the property.

About 2 hours before the death of the landlord Mark Angel receives a call from the hospital, he asks Baze 10 to pick the call. After Baze 10 had finished talking to the doctor on phone, he tries to break the news, but Mark Angel won't let him as he quickly concluded that the landlord is dead. Baze 10 argues that the Landlord is not dead yet, but wants to see all his tenants in the hospital.

Mark and the rest of the tenants rush to the hospital to listen to the landlord's last message only to find out that the landlord had fully recovered from sickness and was not going to die.

Mark Angel is disappointed as he asks the doctor why he said that his landlord had only 24 hours left, the Doctor said he did not mean the landlord had only 24 hours left to live, but 24 hours left before he is discharged from the hospital as he had fully recovered from sickness.

Mark Angel is fully disappointed at this point as he falls to the ground crying and advising the doctor to always use correct English when he communicates.

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