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I'm building my BEST domino project yet!

Catch up on the other videos about my BEST domino project yet!

Here's an introduction to the domino project I've just started... which will hopefully be my BEST setup yet! I'm aiming to fill the entire floor and do as many creative tricks as possible. In this introduction video, I explain my thought process behind this new potentially personal-record-breaking setup, and a few goals I have when creating it. Let me know if you enjoy this podcast-style behind the scenes! I really need to focus more on building so I'm not filming too much. Mostly just timelapses to be honest. But I hope it gives a more in-depth approach to how I put these domino setups together!

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Domino video playing in the background is from "1,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS! (30,000 DOMINOES)":

Hey! I'm Lily/Hevesh5 and I want to welcome you to the #H5dominocommunity! This is a channel dedicated to the most enthusiastic domino fans around the world. It is a place where the inner domino community can connect, make friends with other builders, and share their passion for dominoes together! Be sure to subscribe for new videos every week! :)

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