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Ep119 Our Motorcycle Clubhouse! SoC, Del Perro Beach! - Let's Play GTA 5 Online PC 1080p HD

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Ep.119 Our Motorcycle Clubhouse! Sins Of Chrome (SoC) Los Santos! 7 Del Perro Beach!

Welcome Back Awesome Viewers! :)

This video was a tiny bit delayed too, with life pulling me away unplanned :)

Today's episode is kind of special, today we finally buy ourselves our very own Biker Motorcycle MC Clubhouse! We've been putting this off for far too long, and I thought with all our new money making ways I'm hoping the MC businesses can help with the cash flow circle we've been creating lately too! More spending to make more... we will have to wait and see if it all works out, but I'll be sure to let all you guys know soon! :)

So in that spirit we launch our first chapter ever of the free riders of Los Santos SoC "Sins of Chrome" Biker Motorcycle Club! We buy the foreclosed 7 Del Perro Beach property and get to meet Malc for an in-person walkthrough cutscene of our brand new awesome clubhouse! :)

I'm looking forward to the MC cocaine lockup business income, as I hear it is well worth it, although it is also the most expensive to get into at first unfortunately. We tried to beat the clock on the previous Rockstar sale to buy the biker cocaine lockup but we weren't quite quick enough for this one as you'll see...although we did manage to upgrade the office garage in time in our previous episode, so that's something! :)

Next episode, we work on making the full amount of money to pay for the lockup business now that it is without the nicer sale price. I'm also going to have to get ourselves another tattoo or two soon, it just sounds like the right thing to do around this time in his life right? ;)

Thanks again to you all, my "odd socks" out there, my wonderful "pile of odds"! Big Huge Thanks for Watching Everyone! :)
See you all soon for the next episode! Links for the start of the playlist can be found below!

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