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Woacb Sent Me a 'Cease and Desist'! (Not Click-Bait)

Katie Joy from WOACB is known for her impulsivity, and failure to fact-check (among other things.) I decided to use this ever-present predictability to my advantage; and got her to advertise my merch on her social media for a few.

Needless to say, it worked like a charm and I ended up selling out of a few things. The first thing was the exact shirt that caused this whole issue in the first place (minus Todd's face)

I think I owe the Paulson's a "Todd, come get ya girl" shirt. This is all in good fun and I would never use someone's real life photo on a shirt to make money. Although there are loop-holes with the legalities, I never even had the shirt in question in my store. It was just on the community tab. But nevertheless, she persisted.

We all know how serious KJ takes Cease and Desists! 🥴

Todd, come get ya girl!

It's a movement.

Here's to you, Katie Joy!


I really would love to send them a shirt just so I could watch her gown up with her hair dye gloves and wipe herself down with antibacterial Dial Soap that she thinks is hand sanitizer. Just like she did in this video:


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Fair Use, Bish. Yeah- I know about it. If you have a problem with a video I have made, get in line. Just kidding, leave a comment on my community tab and we can talk. The other option is you can be a snitch, and file a copyright claim that I will likely appeal and win anyways. Either way...


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